This class is taught by:
Molly Metz, 5-time World Jump Rope Champion, and well-known in the CrossFit Community for her ability to do over 1400 unbroken Double Unders, is heading to your gym. Molly will dissect your form and coach you to improve you overall jump rope skills and master your Double Unders. Molly not only brings years of experience and coaching expertise to this seminar, but takes pride in making the seminar fun and enjoyable.

The JumpNrope crew has traveled the world, visiting over 500 CrossFit gyms, and has trained over 10,000 CrossFit athletes on how to become proficient with this movement. In this 2-hour seminar you will learn the fundamentals of jumping rope efficiently through techniques, drills, and instructions that have been perfected by Molly over the years. (Ropes will be provided. Just bring your fine self!)